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Samsung / Note7 Sizzle Reel


Role: Art Director / Project: Promotional Sizzle Video/ Client: Samsung Business / Agency: Rosetta



Director: Sasha Levinson / Director of Photography: Todd Martin / Producer: Ilene Kramer / Editor: Barnett Kiel / Colorist: Bob Festa  / Sound Mixing: 740 Sound / Music Composition: Paul Robb / VFX: Flavor



CREATIVE VISION: We wanted to capture the life of a professional as it really exists: on the go, always ready, juggling both business and life to work smarter. By keeping a fast pace throughout the spot, we wanted to get to the core of what “the new way you work” meant with the Note7. Set in New York, it showcased business and finance Note7 Owners moving through their fast and busy days. The pacing also allowed us to incorporate more than one Owner, so we could showcase a diversity of gender, ages, and ethnicities.

CREATIVE BOARDS: The following are mood boards that I created to help concept our characters and overall story 


ICONOGRAPHY: I created a set of branded icons to help communicate the Note7s feature throughout the sizzle reel.