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Samsung / Learnin' Stuff with Ron & Gary


Role: Art Director / Project: Promotional Sizzle Video/ Client: Samsung Business / Agency: Rosetta

IN BRIEF: Samsung told us to come up with spots that could be featured on "Funny or Die," so I helped write scripts with our copywriter, designed titles and icons, and created/casted characters that were inspired by some of our favorite TV show characters like: Ron Swanson from Parks & Recreation and Richard Splett from Veep.




Additional Project Credits: Talent: Chris White as 'Gary' and Mike Trehy as 'Ron' / Copywriter: Seth Raab / Creative Director: Lisa Charlebois / Directors: Pete and Jamie @ World War Seven / Editors: Barnett Kiel & David Andreini @ Cutters



CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: When creating these How-To videos, we kept in mind that they needed to have a background to their personas. We used these personality details about them during casting and on the day of production. 

  • RON:

    • Personality: He does not believe he has opinions. He has facts he’s telling you. He’s never had an opinion in his life because that would suggest there’s an alternate point of view that is equally valid. What he says is right.

    • Eats: Believes in a diet that is high in trans-fat and cholesterol. “Don’t take my trans-fats away!” Drinks his coffee black and only out of a styrofoam cups. And when he drinks water, its out of water bottles.

    • Loves: Views of the parking lot from his office, smooth jazz that plays on conference calls and eating cheeseburgers at least 5 times a week.

    • Collects: Pens from his favorite doctor/dentist offices and hotels.

    • Moves: Walks with a purpose (faster), decent posture, has bigger fingers so typing or using a phone he is more distinctive.


  • GARY:

    • Personality: An advocate for his friends. He will defend them until the day he dies and would do anything for them - including an over share of what he saw, ate and thought that day.

    • Eats: Green smoothies and has multiple meditation apps on his phone and loves pumpkin spice lattes in the fall. His favorite part of the meal is dessert and loves pink cocktails... in moderation.

    • Loves: Sunrises, water fountains in business parks, skyping with his Grandma and talking about his dreams from last week.

    • Collects: Business cards from restaurants.

    • Moves: Walks slowly, good posture, uses his hands gently (writing, using phone).